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Friends and Family

Where one may view portraits of those nearest and dearest to us...

HEY! If you're one of our buds or kinfolk and you don't see your photo here, it's because we don't have a decent digital pic of ya. So send one already!



We know some of the coolest people on the planet. We're still not sure why they hang out with us.


  • The beautiful and talented Miss Jessie McKenna, lead singer and songwriter for Ruby Shuz.



The lovely Bridget Mckenna, family friend, writer, and publisher, with little-wee versions of Fenris and Orion.



The ever-charming Marti Mckenna, writer, publisher, singer, sculptor and cutie-pie.



Special friend and fellow hearse lover Laurie Coxon, also known as Laurie Gaurie Addams Poe.



Harold Gross, the undead half of science fiction writing team Gordon Gross. Okay, he's not really a zombie. Harold is really pretty gorgeous.



Eve Gordon, the beautiful half of science fiction writing team Gordon Gross, and wildlly talented designer and seamstress.


Alan and Melody

Artist Alan M Clark and his lovely wife Melody. (Alan always looks like this just before he strikes.)



Bestest best friend Victoria Love, gravestone historian and author, hanging out in a New Orleans cemetery.


Sydney in the snow

Victoria's desperately cute little girl, Sydney, ready to let fly with a snowball. If she's anything like her mom, her aim is deadly.


Alexis the bumble bee

Sydney's darling baby sister Alexis, dressed up as a bumblebee for Halloween.



Alan Bedard, tech writer, master chef, photographer, astronomer, and zombie.

Adrian and Elvis

SF and fantasy artist Adrian Bourne, with adorable daughter Elvis Holiday.


Lor and Tamara

A somewhat pregnant me, and dear friend Tamara McKenna.


Holly, Fenris and Friend

Holly Burke, BFF and fine artist, with a tiny Fenris and a special friend.


Artist, photographer and Seattle Knight Douglas Herring appearing as his alter-ego, the Green Man.


The Reverend

Pal Rick Franklin and his prize-winning Lincoln Continental hearse, Morticia.


Diane and O

Dear friend, live-music-show buddy, and talented hairstylist Diane West giving Orion his first haircut.


Harold and Eve

Authors Harold Gross and Eve Gordon. (See, I told you he wasn't really a zombie.)


Vik and Lorelei

Lorelei and Victoria having FAR too much fun in the House of Blues in New Orleans.





The devastating Mrs. Barbara Winter, super-smart hottie and mom of two of the cutest little boys in creation.



Long-time pal Jeff Steele, handsome devil and part-time pirate.


Daphne and Daniel

Family friend Daphne and her adorable son Daniel, who is one of Fenris's best pals in the world.

Spring and Dave

Dear friend Spring and her sweetie Dave, on the day before their wedding in Hawaii.


Yes, these attractive and charming people really are related to us.


My aunt Tansy, cat lover, Buffy afficianado, and cool chica.


Fran and Critters

My mom, Fran, chilling with Black John and Crystal.


Aunt Molly

My dear aunt Molly, mom to the boy cousins I grew up with, Don and Ted.




My cousin Ted, computer whiz and writer.


Uncle Don

My uncle Don, Molly's husband and Don and Ted's dad.


Uncle Brain

Uncle Brain. We all wish he'd give up those rodent/human gene splicing experiments.


Dave and Jay

My brother Dave and his lovely wife Jay.


Maa and Fenris

My mom Fran (whom the boys call "Maa") cuddling a mini-Fenris.


O and Brian

A small Orion hanging out with his cousin Brian, who will someday be a famous filmmaker.


Chris and O

Bitty Orion spending time with his Aunt Chris (Brian's mom and my frequent partner in crime).


Rob and Fenris

Wee teensy Fenris and his uncle Rob (Daniel's brother and Chris's husband, Mini fan and silent film buff).


Sean and Clarissa

Rob and Chris's older son Sean and his radiant bride, Clarissa.

Wedding party

The happy wedding party.


Uncle H

A favorite uncle.


Orion and Jack

Orion and his cousin Jack.



My cousin Emily, in the amazing Renaissance wedding dress that she made. In fact, she made the Ren outfits for the entire wedding party.



My aunt Becky, mother of bride Emily, in her lovely Ren outfit.



Uncle Ron, father of the bride, stylin' in cavalier duds.



My desperately adorable cousin Rachel (Emily's big sister Beth's daughter), in the flower girl outfit that Emily made for her.


Emily and Tom

The lovely Emily and her handsome husband Tom.


Baby Brenna

The newest member of our family, Em and Tom's daughter Brenna (who is in the running for Cutest Baby on the Planet).


Brenna and grandparents

Brenna and her grandparents, Becky and Ron. Isn't her pumpkin hat fetching?


Brenna again

And one more picture of Brenna, just because she's so dang adorable.



Just us.

Me and Fenris

Me and itty-bitty Fenris at the Seattle Center.


Dad and Orion

Daniel and Orion out trick-or-treating. Orion is dressed as Petey Piranha Plant from Super Mario Sunshine.


Daniel and Lorelei's Wedding Day

Our wedding day: October 31st, 1990. A marriage made in...heaven?



Me putting on the ritz, getting ready to go out with my girls.


Family on the Beach

Daniel, Lorelei, Fenris, and baby Orion on a beach near Malibu. Proof that we can go out in the sunlight (with SPF 350).


Daniel and Lorelei

A kinda pregant Lorelei and a kinda sleepy Daniel after one of our famous parties..


Vikki and Lorelei

Victoria and me, hanging out in our natural environment.



The Shannon-Carver family, looking somewhat less like the Addams family than we usually do.


Shaman of the Bones
Lorelei as the Shaman of the Bones, partying like a wild dingo at Halloween in San Francisco's Castro district.

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