Orion Vincent Carver

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Orion Vincent Carver

Orion Vincent Carver was born on May 11th, 2000, making him a Golden Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. He was a sweet, affectionate, cuddly baby, and he remains a cuddlemonster to this day.

Orion loves animals, drawing pictures, reading books with a grownup or his brother, and music. He particularly likes The Reverend Horton Heat, the Rednex, Captain Bogg and Salty, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, and the soundtracks to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Hoodwinked.". He sings a ripping rendition of “Big Red Rocket of Love.”

An excellent sculptor in Play-Doh, Orion delights in making Play-Doh feasts for the whole family. He specializes in towering, luridly-colored burgers. At least that’s what we think they are. He’s also fond of sculpting monsters and Pokemon, and characters for the elaborate games he invents.

Orion is inexplicably obsessed with cows. We have yet to figure that one out. But he moos a lot.

Mr. O, as he is sometimes known, loves his big brother Fenris and wants to be just like him. They get in the occasional (extremely loud) power struggle, but for the most part they have a great relationship. Orion loves kitties, and frequently pretends to be one. He also spontaneously turns into puppies, weasels, dinosaurs, deer, raccoons, rats, and “dee birds.”

Orion is my baby angel, my green-eyed, laughing muse.


Me! Me! Take a picture of me!



Score! Easter in the Northwest...

Birthday Boy


I'm Cthulhu!

Look Mom! I'm Cthulhu!
(Yes, he really said that.)


Who are you callin' CUTE?


Petey Piranha

Trick or Treat! (O is dressed as Petey Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Sunshine game.)


Famous Orion Quotes

"I'm yookin' at you. I'M YOOKIN' AT YOU!" --Age 18 months

“Fenris, I wanna piece of you!” –Age 2

Idgie thinks I’m food, but I think I’m not!” –Age 3

“I don’t want chips with whack-a-moley (guacamole) on them!” –Age 3

“This is Jellyswap, the lello watty (yellow ratty). Kiss him on the head, please.” –Age 3

“Mama, do you ever wonder if Carmen is a pig in a dog suit?” –Age 4

"Even though I like shirts with puppies and kittens on them, I'm still a goth inside." --Age 5

"I'm not JUST a boy. I'm half cow, half dee bird, and half boy." --Age 5


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