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Fenris Rowan Carver


Fenris Rowan Carver was born October 17th, 1996. He popped into this world hollering and looking around with big, startled blue eyes (which have since turned chestnut brown). He was a lively little wildman of a baby, and well, he still is.

Fenris loves to build things. He creates things out of paper, cardboard, tape, clay, blocks, small household appliances, and slow-moving pets. He says he wants to be a roller coaster designer when he grows up. Except when he says he wants to be a mad scientist. We think either possibility is likely.

He digs on video games, music, and movies, especially movies with special effects. He watches the “making of” parts of the Tremors movies more often than he watches the movies themselves. Then the next thing we know, there’s a giant cardboard Graboid in the kitchen…

His latest passion is dragons. You wouldn't think that it would be possible to contrust a nine-foot long, three-dimentional dragon out of a ream of computer paper, but Fenris would prove you wrong.

Fenris is a great big brother. He makes comic books about the adventures of “Super O,” his little brother Orion’s superhero alter-ego. Both Fenris and Orion love to draw, and they are excellent and imaginative artists.

Intense, mercurial, beautiful, and smart, that’s our Fenris. He is and always will be my dark-eyed, tempestuous muse.


Easter basket

No egg can hide from me!


Hanging out with friends

Fenris hanging out with some friends...

Captain Picklesword

Arr, it's Captain Picklesword! (It's a long story.)

Mad scientist

Okay...which button launches this thing?

Golf King

King of the Leavenworth golf course!


I will destroy you!

I will destroy you!

Famous Fenris Quotes

“Mama, do you ever wonder if a giant chicken will sit on our house?”
-Age 4

“Daddy, I went to the doctor and they gived me two shots, one in this arm and one in this arm, and they poked my finger with a sharp pokey thing and zooped out my blood, and they didn’t even give it back!” –Age 5

“This is not a can of apple juice! It’s a can of 2000 year old Chinese whoopass!” –Age 6

“Mom, when I take over the world, you can still make me grilled cheeses.” –Age 7

“I’m gonna make another Lord of the Rings movie. It’s gonna be called Sauron’s Other Eye!” –Age 8

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Barf Guy

Fenris's first .gif animation. We're so proud!

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