My Beautiful Boys

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Big Shoes

A teeny-tiny Orion wearing my shoes..



They look like little angels when they're asleep. Oh, the irony...

Best Day Ever

Wee Fenris and his Best Day Ever cake.


Baby Orion savages a nectarine.


Boyz in a Tub

Kid and Teddy Bear Soup!

Chicken Pox

A handsome guy, even with chicken pox.

Fenris in the Snow

Fenris on one of our rare snow days.


Gingerbread House

The boys making a Halloween gingerbread house. More on this later...

Ghostie Hat

Wee Orion in his beloved Ghostie Hat. .

I mean you!

Fenris being EVER so charming.



Small children in the wild. Okay, the park.

Puppy Ears

Decorating babies for fun and profit!


Hunting eggs in the Northwest woods.


Cat Bus

Hanging out with the Cat Bus. Hurry up, Totoro!

Cold Weather

A cold weather hug.

Hangin' Out

Just hangin' out.



Fenris + My Lipstick = Devil Boy!

First Day of School

Rubbing Orion's head for luck.

Silly Guys

A couple of silly guys.



Out on the town

Young men out on the town.

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