Black John

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Black John the Pirate Kitty 

Black John the Pirate Kitty


Black John Redfern Skippyjohn Jones


Orion and I were out shopping for Easter dinner 2006, when we came across a Humane Society offsite adoption event. Naturally, Orion wanted to go look at the kitties.

I should have known it would happen. Orion fell in love with a skinny black 8-month-old boy kitten. And the kitten seemed crazy about him. I called Daniel to let him know we'd be bringing home a cat along with the ham and green beans.

The good folks at the Humane Society warned us that the cat (whom Orion had named Black John the Pirate Kitty) would want to be alone for awhile once we got home. They advised us to let him chill out in a room by himself for the first 24 hours. John was having none of that. He hollered, yowled, cried, and hung from the doorknob until we let him out to explore his new home.

Johnny settled right in. He's one of the calmest cats I've ever seen. He was even a gracious host for Easter dinner, greeting our guests like he owned the place.

He's an amusingly greedy fellow. Our dear friend Diane has gotten him hooked on bonito flakes, and he'll do anything for them. He eats all kinds of bizarre things, including lettuce leaves and dry cereal. He's beginning to resemble a black meat loaf with a cat head attached.

His best pal is Jessie Bat. They do wild ninja kitty wirework battles all over the house. He also loves to cuddle up with Jack for long naps.

Johnny is an awesome little cat. We all love him to pieces. Especially Crystal.


Looking thoughtful

John looking thoughtful.


Johnny and Fenris

Johnny gets a hug from Fenris.


Look into my will get me bonito flakes right now...


Just chillin'.

Eaten by Petey

Oh no! Johnny's being devoured by Petey Piranha Plant!


Yellow Mousie

John and his beloved yellow mouse. And some, uh, fake plastic food.

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