Jessie Bat

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Jessie Bat Jones 

Jessie Bat Jones




So there I was, at the Bellevue park-and-ride, first thing in the morning. I'd just gotten out of my car and I was putting on my backpack when I heard "meow...meow...meOW! MEOW!" getting closer and closer. I looked around, and finally I spotted a tiny kitten running along the base of the wall toward me. I scooped her up, and she snuggled against me. I was helpless against her evil powers.

We tried to find her owner, but no one came forward to claim her. We thought about finding her a home, for about 30 seconds. But she was so cute! And so funny! And so adorable! And besides, we figured that Black John could use a buddy of his own. Orion named her Jessie, because he said she was "pretty like our special friend Jessie." Her middle name comes from the bat shape on top of her head, and "Jones" is from one of Fenris and Orion's favorite books, Skippyjon Jones.

There was a bit of a hitch in our plans. John took one look at Jessie, and his face became a mask of kittyish evil. He seemed to want to eat her alive. But we didn't give up. Jessie stayed at my mom Fran's house at night, and came over each day to visit. Soon John started to get curious about her. Once he decided she wasn't Satan incarnate, they became fast friends.

Jessie Bat Jones is a delightful, silly, funny kitten. She's both a wild thang and a cuddlebug. She's bursting with curiosity, and constantly cracks us up with her antics and misadventures. For us and Johnny, she's a one-feline entertainment center.

Sleepy girl

Getting sleepy in Daniel's arms.


Lovely profile

Her lovely profile.

Jessie's bat

Showing off the "bat" on top of her head.

Pretty eyes

What pretty green eyes you have, my dear.

Aerial view

The aerial view.


She's either yawning, or expressing her opinion on Kitty Fish Stew.

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