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Captain Jack Sparrow



We'd had Crystal for a few months, when it became clear to us that a young, strong pup like her really needed a canine friend. When we told Forget Me Not animal shelter, they showed us pictures of Jack. Well, who wouldn't be charmed by a guy like him?

Jack was just five months old when we got him from the shelter. He'd come from an abusive situation, and he was pretty shy at first, but totally sweet. We fell in love immediately.

We decided to introduce him to Crystal right away. The two pups spent about five minutes sniffing each other from one end to the other. Then Crystal got excited and started poking Jack with her nose, inviting him to play. He pounced at her, and they were off! They tore around the yard like a couple of furry comets. They played until they collapsed side by side in the grass. They've been best buddies ever since.

Jack is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. He's such a loving guy, gentle and funny. He's a big kisser. He and Black John are special pals (probably because Jack, unlike Crystal, doesn't chew on Johnny's head). He loves to play with Fenris and Orion, when he's not partying with Crystal .

The longer Jack spends with us, the more his fear fades away, and his real personality emerges. His inner pooch seems to be an absolute love bug.

Not that he's a saint. Jack is going through a chewing phase, and he's consumed multiple slippers and shoes, dozens of toys, a pair of pants, and pieces of the rug. Oh well, at least when I tell the kids "pick up your toys or the dog will eat them," they know it's true!

We're so lucky to have Jack He's just a sweet, sunny, delightful little pup.


Jack at the shelter

Jack as he appeared on the Forget Me Not animal shelter website. How could we resist?


With his pals

Sacked out on the couch with Crystal, Fenris, and Orion.

Sacked out

Sleeping is one of Jack's favorite activities.

Cuddling with Johnny

Cuddled up with Black John.

Snuggling with Orion

Snuggling with Orion.




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