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Free Fiction by Lorelei Shannon

Because heaven only knows, there isn't enough free fiction on the internet.

But seriously, here are a few examples of my short fiction, and a novel excerpt. Please note that I am predominantly a horror writer. These stories contain sex, violence, bad language, Elvis impersonators, and other ghastly, shocking, and socially unredeeming stuff. They are intended for a mature audience (immature grownups OK).

Read at your own peril.

Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go

This is one of my older stories, but still one of my favorites; a silly but gory tale about what happens when a rock god becomes a real god. It appears in my collection, Vermifuge and Other Toxic Cocktails.

Anything for You

A story of true love, and how far it's willing to go. This story also appears in Vermifuge.


Black '47

This story has never before appeared in print! Wow! Yowza! It's about a haunted hearse. Wonder where I got that idea?


Possum Kingdom
(a novel excerpt)

This is the first three chapters of my newly published supernatural Southern gothic, Possum Kingdom.


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