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Idgie Bit 

Idgie Bit


Boojum Tree, Idge, Miss Bit

Idgie Bit was adopted from a cardboard box outside a Raley's supermarket in Oakhurst, California in 1992. We couldn't resist her pretty face and enormous bat ears. Those ears grew faster than she did for the first six months of her life. They were so big they would fall together when she stuck them up, giving her a severe case of "pyramid ears."

Idgie grew up to be a sweet, silly, hyperactive dog whose fur always smelled like sunshine. Always eager to please, she was the opposite of Carmen in temperment, but the two were as close as sisters. Carmen bossed Idgie around, and Idgie let her, just to make Carmen happy.

Idgie would eat anything. She wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but was devilishly clever when it comes to stealing food. (She even figured out how to open the doorhandles in our house, all the better to raid the pantry.) She never got away with anything, though, because she'd be stricken with guilt immediately after devouring her spoils, and throw herself at your feet.

Idgie had secret shamanic powers, which she used to heal her own hip joints. (If you pray to her, she might heal you.) She was a deeply affectionate dog, although she was too hyper for much cuddling. Her kisses were rare and special events. Idgie was the happiest just lying at your feet, leaning against your legs a little. She loved it when you scratched behind her (now proportionate) ears.

We lost Idgie in November 2005, after a long battle with Addison's disease. The house just wasn't the same without her. Carmen only lived three months after she lost her "sister." I'm sure that Idgie is now happily raiding the pantries in Dog Heaven.


Young Idgie

A very young Idgie looking sincere, or maybe just guilty.


Idgie and Fenris

Idgie hanging out with a wee little Fenris, circa 1999.

In the yard

Idgie hanging out in the back yard, looking for squirrels to chase.


Don't move! She's spotted you!


She's getting closer!


About to pounce!


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