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Carmen Dog 

Carmen Dog


Tater Tot, Creepy-Creep, Gum Dog, Gummy

Carmen Dog was adopted from a cardboard box outside a Raley's supermarket in Oakhurst, California in 1991. Allegedly half rottweiler and half springer spaniel, she was an adorable, fat, square little puppy. However, her bad attitude was evident from the very start.

Not that Carmen was a mean dog. She was always loving and affectionate, fun to be with, a wonderful companion. But she had an independant streak a mile wide. If you told her to stop barking, she usually would--after one last "up yours" woof. She'd usually come when you called her, but at a lazy saunter that said "I'm only doing this because I feel like it." She told you she loved you with a grin and a chomp. (Never hard, just enough to let you know she was there.) Carmen and I started every day with a morning wrestling match for years.

If dogs had fingers, she would have regularly flipped people off.

She grew up to resemble a 55-pound loaf of black rye bread. Although her big eyes and long, silky ears made her look more like a spaniel, she seemed to think of herself as a rottie, always hanging out with her "peeps" when we went to the park. It was pretty funny to see her at the PAWS walk, just hanging out in the midst of a pack of humongous rots.

Some of my favorite memories of Carmen are of Oakhurst in the springtime, when wildflowers covered the hill where we lived. She would seem to fly through the flowers, only her tail showing like a black banner. Sometimes she'd leap up and soar over the lupins like a chunky, hairy dolphin.

Carmen adored her "sister" Idgie. When they were young they played together, and as they got older, they were each others' constant companions.

We lost Carmen in February, 2006, and I thought my heart would break in half. I know she's flying through the flowers in Dog Heaven right now. When I see her again, I'm sure she'll bite me to say hello.


Carmen and Fenris

Carmen and a very young Fenris, circa 1999.


Carmen in Oakhurst

Carmen enjoying the sun in our old house in the Sierra Nevada mountains, circa 1993.


A sleepy girl.

Mischievous smile

A typical mischievous Carmen smile.

Carmen and Wee Fenris

Hanging out with little Fenris.


Pretty fur

Carmen and all her lovely black fur.

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