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The Carriage House

Where lurks Annabel Lee, Lorelei's dark coach, when she's not out roaming the night...

This is Annabel Lee

The beautiful Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a 1947 Cadillac hearse.

Lorelei spotted Annabel on Ebay, and it was love at first sight. Annabel arrived in Seattle in June, 2001, and their tempestuous (and occasionally violent) love affair began. Annabel is now almost completely restored. All that remains to be finished is her interior.

Lorelei thinks Annabel is the most beautiful car in the world. Annie is also tempermental, bratty, and occasionally evil. But then, so is Lorelei.

Annabel weighs 6,000 pounds. Yes, that's three tons of all-American death metal. She has her original 346 cid flathead engine. (This engine was also used in tanks and airplanes during WWII.) Annie's kustomization includes dual exhaust pipes with reverse glasspack mufflers, flamethrowers, and a floor shift. In short, she is One Badass Ride.

Annabel's Restoration

See pictures of Annabel's restoration

The Rain City Hearse Club

The Rain City Hearse Club

Demon Hunter CD

Annie on a Demon Hunter CD

Glamour Shots

Annabel's Glamour Shots
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