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Annabel's Glamour Shots

Annabel Lee gracing various cemeteries around the Pacific Northwest.







Inferno Skull steering wheel

Annabel's utterly wicked steering wheel, by B.A.D. of Georgia.

Hey! Do you hate billet?

Are you utterly horrified that I have a billet steering wheel and billet rims?

Guess what?

I don't give a rat's rear quarter panels.

I get totally sick of hot rod snobs (most of whom have never picked up a wrench in their lives) telling me that I've "ruined" my ride by getting aluminum anywhere near her person. When I put together Annabel's look, I found individual pieces that were right for her. I didn't care what they were made of, and I still don't. Annabel is a work of art in progress. She's a classic car, AND a kustom rod, AND a gothmobile. Most of all, she is MINE. Not yours. So if you hate billet...

Keep it to yourself, Bubba.

And if you can't do that...

Blow it out your tailpipe!


OH get off your soapbox and take me back to the Carriage House.
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